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Brain Illustration

Brain Illustration

For more than two decades, MediVisuals, Inc. has been designing and developing medical legal exhibits that begin with a consultation and are completed when you have the 3D models, animations, interactives, graphics or custom illustrations you need to support medical expert testimony in North America, including Canada. We also provide other industries, including medical implements, publications, and advertising. If you’ve found us because you are searching for experts in brain illustration, please explore the MediVisuals roster of services and contact us for additional information. You can also arrange a complimentary consultation with a MediVisuals professional to get started.

Additional information:
Medical Legal Illustrator

Traumatic Brain Injury Illustrations

Find out how MediVisuals can create a custom exhibit for your legal expert testimony support. Because quality varies broadly in this industry, we’ve provided clearly defined details on Traumatic Brain Injury: Illustrations, animation, and life-sized models. The first step to getting the MediVisuals tools you need is to view the mild and traumatic brain injury illustrations and other visuals we have produced. Then please contact us if you would like to review your options with an experienced MediVisual representative.

Brain illustration, available in laminated/unlaminated mounted panel, paper or digital file, includes:

  • Cranial and intracranial injuries/hemorrhage illustrations
  • Shear/diffuse axonal injuries
  • Skull/brain surgery
  • Skull fractures/skull injuries (both axial and oblique views)

Sudden Deceleration

Please view the sample animated sequence featured here and contact us if you have questions about how this or another sequence available from MediVisuals, Inc. can be tailored to your case. We’ve also included for your convenience illustrations ideal for further elucidating the injuries caused by sudden deceleration, even without hemorrhaging or positive MRI findings.