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Traumatic Arthritis Illustrations - Give A Visual Description

Traumatic Arthritis Illustrations

In addition to information and medical illustrations, we have created a blog to further support and engage our customers. For example, visit this post to find out more about traumatic arthritis, written by Robert Shepherd, VP and Director of Eastern Region Operations at Medivisuals. Illustrations and a clear and accurate explanation of the causes and issues related to this disease are found on the blog. You can also review resources here at the MediVisuals website, where you can obtain traumatic arthritis illustrations from our archive or request a consultation for a custom order for your specific needs.

You’ll note that the medical illustrations posted here at the blog and throughout our website are not your typical medical legal illustrations. While there are options out there in medical illustrations, there is also a concurrent range of quality. Some illustrations found elsewhere do the bare minimum of illustrating conditions, structures and injuries, while others move far beyond tradition medical illustration to imagery that conveys the details, angles, emphases and other components needed to help you make your case.

The potential of effective and accurate illustration in clarifying a medical issue to the jury has been demonstrated repeatedly. To see some examples of how MediVisuals medical exhibits made the difference of thousands of dollars, please view the client testimonials page. We invite you to select testimonials by state at the bottom of this page to view what trial lawyers in many parts of the country have to say about the remarkable difference made when they invested in quality medical exhibit materials from MediVisuals. Here are a few:

  • North Carolina: Expedited case settlement with the help of quick turnaround on medical exhibit
  • California: Attorney and long time MediVisuals customer affirms maximum and substantial verdicts with the help of “tremendous work” from MediVisuals
  • Indiana: Attorney reports surgeons requesting MediVisuals contact information after seeing the quality of our illustrations
  • Virginia: After refusing to settle for 20K, client was awarded 75K; attorney claims it was due to the MediVisuals illustration that helped convey medical information to jury

We look forward to providing the same level of visual support to you and your client. Let us know what you need and we can custom create your illustration to your specifications.

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