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Traumatic Arthritis Illustrations

Traumatic Arthritis Illustrations

Doctors, legal nurse consultants, lawyers, and even educators count on MediVisuals™ Inc. to assist in personal injury cases, including traumatic arthritis illustrations. Our graphics depict ankles, hips, knees, shoulders, spines, wrists, and more. Our medical legal Illustrations are in color and feature labels and graphics showing arthritis at its worst.

Other personal injury  illustrations include amputation, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder/arm, knee, and more. Amputation illustrations are of legs and toes. Carpal tunnel syndrome shows different views of the wrist and forearm, incisions, and other details. Shoulder/arm personal injury images are of right and left shoulders, front and back views, muscle, and common procedures. Knee injuries and surgeries include illustrations of arthroscopic knee surgery, open knee surgery, amputation, and common knee injury.

We have head and brain injury illustrations too. Our graphics depict brain anatomy, functional control, intracranial injuries, diffuse axonal injuries, skull fractures, and brain surgeries.

MediVisuals™ Inc. is a trusted medical illustrator. There are only 21 “Awards of Excellence,” and we have received 17 of those awards. Our work, from traumatic arthritis illustrations, to three-dimensional models, plays an important role in the court systems, helping others understand what happened. Our 29 years of experience has helped many attorneys prove their case.

When you need medical support to back your medical experts, call us. We offer full service multimedia litigation support. This includes a free consultation, professional setup, in trail, impromptu creation and alteration, and after-hours consultation and prep work.

Your dedicated MediVisuals™ team member will work with you one-on-one to gather all pertinent information including digital files. Files will be formatted and inserted into a professional PowerPoint. Your team member will create a trail book with all the printed files you’ll need with a corresponding number. Call out the number during the trial, and the operator will switch to that slide. You get full support from an award winning company. Call us today and schedule your free consultation.

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