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MediVisuals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service. Our medical illustrators
have graduated from one of the five accredited graduate programs for medical illustration by the
American Medical Association and the Association of Medical Illustrators. With over 306 combined years
of medical illustration experience, 233 of those years in medical-legal illustration, our medical illustrators
are qualified to develop effective medical illustration and animation exhibits for your case.

At MediVisuals, all of our medical illustrators work at our two regional offices. None of our casework
is farmed out to third parties. This makes it easier for you and your expert to get in contact with the
medical illustrator working on your case. We also believe that it is important that our clients know
who MediVisuals' medical illustrators are and their qualifications. We are proud to be one of the few
demonstrative evidence companies to display their medical illustrators' biographies.


Bob L. Shepherd, MS, CMI  Medical Illustrator, President & CEO 

Lance J. LaFortune  Exec. Vice President, COO & CFO

Rictor S. Lew, M.F.A.  Medical Illustrator, Vice President, Western Region Operations

Board of Directors

Lance J. LaFortune  Chairman

Bob L. Shepherd, MS, CMI  Director  

Thomas D. Sims, BS, CMI, FAMI  Director

Creative Personnel

Dallas Office: 

Rusty G. Jones, MS, CMI, FAMI Senior Medical Illus./Consultant

Kent W. Boughton, MSMI, CMI Medical Illustrator/Consultant

Sean C. Prokasy, MAMS Medical Illustrator/Animator

Alfredo Portales, Jr., MA Medical Illustrator

Alfonso Apodaca Production Assistant

Richmond Office:

Paul R. Gross, MS, CMI Senior Medical Illus./Consultant 

C. Knox Hubard, Jr., MS Senior Medical Illus./Consultant

Philip J. Mattes, MS Medical Illustrator/Consultant

Doug G. Haring, MS Medical Illustrator 

Chris A. Rufo, MA Medical Illustrator 

Hardy Fowler, MS Medical Illustrator

Nathan McSpadden, MA Medical Illustrator/Animator

Tara Marie Rose, MA Medical Illustrator

Katie E. Dale, MS Medical Illustrator

Jennifer Lee Rogers, MS Medical Illustrator/Animator

Rob Y. Choi, BFA Prod. Coordinator, Gen. Illustrator

Dorian W. Jones, BFA Production Assistant

Sales & Administrative Personnel

Dallas Office:

 Richmond Office:

Elizabeth D. Sims, MA  Medical Illustrator

Tara M. Rose, MA Visual Consultant

Katherine F. Hardwicke, BFA Consultant, Visual Services

Katie E. Dale, MS Visual Consultant

Linda K. Johanson Administrative Assistant       

Leah H. Shepherd Consultant/Admin. Coordinator

Robin Peckover Administrative Assistant

Eileen J. Jensen Account. Asst./Admin. Asst.