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Medical Legal Illustration

Medical Legal Illustration

Next time you need to testify in court and explain what happened to someone from a medical standpoint, call MediVisuals™, Inc. Our medical legal illustration will help convey what happened so that the judge, jury, and counsel understand the details. We help experts (legal nurse consultants, doctors, and attorneys) by creating images to clairfy an occurrence. Depending on your budget, we have several solutions to meet your very specific needs.

For over 23 years, MediVisuals™, Inc. has provided medical legal illustrations consisting of graphics, three dimensional models, and animations. The level of detail is dependent on your requirements and budget. Graphics can be as in-depth as you want, done in black and white or color. Either way, the quality is excellent.

MediVisuals™, Inc. animation service includes two and three-dimensional graphics. We can use scans to create three-dimensional reconstructions.

Additional Information:
Brain Illustration
Cervical Spine Illustration

Stock Medical Legal Exhibits

You can view stock medical legal exhibits throughout our website. Browse from our categories of Animations, Models, Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, General Anatomy, and Traumatic Brain Injury on the right hand navigation pane. Click on a category to view stock medical legal exhibits in detail.

You can view sample animations as well. It’s a short clip to give you an idea of the quality of work we do. If you like what you see, go ahead and add the animation to your cart and continue with the purchase.

Models can be customized per specifications made with soft silicone and plastic. Illustrations and animations are also available along with the models. Illustrations can be delivered to you as a print or a digital file (at 150 dots per inch), which is ideal for PowerPoint presentations. Coinciding animations can be customized for your case and will be delivered as a DVD.

Illustrations are also available as stock exhibits. Explore each image, and click on it to view a larger size. If it’s what you are looking for, you can purchase it easily. We have stock images of body parts and organs from the abdomen to a heart to a spine. Our illustrations are detailed with labels.