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$207,000.00 Verdict After $30,000.00 Defense Offer - Rear-End Car Collision

Congratulations to Eiman Sharmin, Esq. of Sharmin & Sharmin, P.A.( and Lee Levenson, J.D. of the Romano Law Group ( in Lake Worth, FL, for the award they obtained on behalf of a 56-year-old laboratory quality control worker who was injured in a rear-end collision. Immediately following the collision, the plaintiff began to suffer from pain in his neck, back of the head, right upper extremity, middle back, lower back, and right lower extremity.

X-Rays of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine were performed three days after the collision. MRI scans of the cervical, and lumbar spine were taken two months later revealing central posterior herniation at C4-C5 and C5-C6 with some effacement of subarachnoid. The plaintiff underwent three cervical and three lumbar epidural steroid injections under fluoroscopic guidance within a two-month period to help alleviate pain

The defense’s final pre-trial offer was $25,000.00. Attorneys Sharmin and Levenson took the case to trial and successfully obtained a jury award of $ 207,000.00. MediVisuals was entrusted to develop several exhibits to help demonstrate the plaintiff's disc injuries and the invasive nature of the multiple injections, including the ones shown below.