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$6,000,000 Settlement – Multiple Injuries from Motor Vehicle Collision

Congratulations to Mark Worischeck, Esq. of Sanders & Parks, PC in Phoenix, AZ for the settlement he procured on behalf of his clients who were severely injured when an 18-wheel semi-truck driver negligently struck his clients' F150 truck.

The collision occurred on a two-lane highway on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Peridot, Arizona. The adult driver of the pickup truck was slowing to make a left turn, onto a dirt road, when an 18-wheel semi-truck, carrying sulphuric acid, attempted to pass by entering the westbound oncoming lane of traffic. The 18-wheeler struck the 1997 Ford F150 in mid-turn. The F150 rolled and the minor plaintiffs, 6 and 16 years-old, were ejected from the bed of the pickup truck.

The 16 year-old plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury and multiple internal injuries (renal laceration, retroperitoneal hemorrhage), and orthopedic injuries including: a right knee avulsion fracture and complex pelvic fractures requiring ORIF surgery. The 6 year-old suffered a severe closed head injury (GCS 3), epidural and subdural brain hemorrhages, bilateral frontal skull fractures and bilateral femur fractures requiring ORIF surgery, among other injuries.

The defense team contested liability and held that both boys had recovered exceptionally well from their traumatic injuries. Mr. Worischeck commissioned MediVisuals to create exhibit boards detailing the injuries suffered by both boys. During mediation, the exhibits were placed beside the defense counsel and their insurance representative. The defendant offered the entire $ SIX-MILLION dollar policy limit and the case was settled for that amount.

Mr. Worischeck collaborated with MediVisuals, Inc. to develop multiple exhibits, including those shown below, to clarify and emphasize the plaintiff's injuries and surgeries.