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Record Verdict Awarded to Elderly Plaintiff in Carpal Tunnel Malpractice Suit 

Congratulations to Bradley N. Pollock and Adam C. Kruse of Walsh, Knippen, Pollock, & Cetina in Wheaton, Illinois for the record verdict they obtained on behalf of their elderly client, who suffered complications from a carpal tunnel release surgery.  The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin reports that this, “is the highest Will County hand-injury verdict or settlement reported for a plaintiff over age 60.” 

During the endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery, the defendant cut the 82-year-old plaintiff’s median nerve.  As a result of this mistake, the plaintiff sustained long term deficits in her right hand.  She suffered pain and loss of sensation and function in part of that hand.   

In an attempt to repair the damage and regain function and sensation in the injured hand, the plaintiff underwent reconstructive nerve surgery four months later.  Unfortunately, the reconstructive procedure was not entirely successful; she still has pain, numbness, and loss of function in more than half of her right hand.  Pollock reports that his client can no longer do many of the activities that she previously enjoyed.

The defendant admitted to cutting the plaintiff’s median nerve but claimed that the mistake was not a result of professional negligence.  However, another orthopedic surgeon testifying on behalf of the plaintiff expressed that the defendant’s actions constituted medical malpractice.

The jury found the defendant and his practice guilty of medical malpractice and awarded $1,066,000.  Mr. Pollock collaborated with MediVisuals, Inc. to illustrate the technique used during the carpal tunnel release procedure.