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$656,000.00 Verdict - Motor Vehicle Crash with Disputed Liability

Congratulations to Todd Romano, Esq. of Romano Law Group ( and Thomas A. Robes, Esq. of Bogani & Robes, LLP ( in West Palm Beach, Florida for the verdict rendered on behalf of their clients in Palm Beach County, Florida on Friday, December 7, after a 5-day jury trial. The case was a disputed liability, intersection collision case resulting in a t-bone crash. The parties each claimed they had the green light, the single eyewitness was unable to testify as to who had the green light, and the investigating Trooper did not document any physical evidence from the scene.

The plaintiff driver suffered a grade III separated left shoulder with labrum tear, trauma to his right leg that resulted in Deep Vein Thrombosis, and aggravation of a pre-existing lower back injury. The plaintiff's wife, who was in the passenger seat, suffered a broken rib and 2 non-displaced transverse process fractures in her lower back. 

At the close of the evidence, the plaintiff husband was given partial directed verdict on causation and permanency for the left shoulder injury and the DVT. The defendant driver was found 75% liable and the husband was attributed with 25% liability. The jury gave past and future economic damages to the husband in the amount of $513,000 and found causation and permanency for his wife giving her approximately $143,000 in past and future economic and non-economic damages.

Mr. Romano and Mr. Robes entrusted MediVisuals to provide exhibits explaining both the husband's and the wife's injuries, and utilized the exhibits with the treating physicians and in summation.