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Illustration of Cervical Spine - Detailed Visual

Illustration of Cervical Spine

Have you tried explaining the complicated and intricate neurological and vascular systems of the body without using any type of visual aids to help your participants in your discussion? It is a monumental task without the appropriate illustrative tools to aid you in your classroom or legal description. MediVisuals brings these complex anatomical structures to light through the talents of skilled, professional illustrators. Our illustration of cervical spine procedures such as anterior cervical fusion allow individuals with no medical background whatsoever to fully understand this complex surgery through clear, accurate visual depictions, much clearer than the x-rays that many times are used. Make it as easy as possible when describing such an detailed system, call Medivisuals today to get started!

MediVisuals’ illustrations and models have been used successfully in personal injury, negligence and criminal case. But the detailed illustrations are also ideal for instructional purposes for medical students. Browse our site and see for yourself the images we can provide for whatever reason you need. You will be surprised at the detail of work at such a reasonable price.

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Need a Herniated Disc Illustration?

Because spinal structures are difficult to illuminate, MediVisuals provides a wide range of illustrations of the spine and central nervous system, such as our detailed and informative herniated disc illustration. This illustration brings into view an injury that, under normal circumstances, would be difficult or nearly impossible for the lay person to see on a standard spinal X-ray. Make it easily understandable when you are providing the students or participants in a criminal or civil case with the detailed images to correspond with your narration. For more information about how to order a cervical spine illustration, or more specifically, a herniated disc illustration, please go to our Personal Injury page and navigate to Disc Herniation or Anterior Cervical Fusion sections. (Our Personal Injury products also include carpal tunnel syndrome, head and brain injuries, lumbar fusion, shoulder/arm injuries and more.)

Custom Products For Your Needs

Items such as an illustration of cervical spine from MediVisuals offer a terrific overview of typical human anatomy. However, consider custom products when you need illustrations or models to demonstrate specific injuries or conditions that may not be clear with an X-ray. These are useful when explaining your circumstances in an injury case, or for in depth classroom study for medical students learning potential injuries of a specific area.

Medicinal provides a number of custom products, from custom illustrations to customized three-dimensional anatomical models. Contact us to discuss your particular case; we are happy to work on any type of case and with any budget to help you get the illustrations and/or models you need. Visit our Contact page for our phone and e-mail contact information, or use our convenient online form to send us your inquiry.