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Herniated Disc Illustration in Detail

MediVisuals is ready to bring a new level of clarity to your injury diagrams through advanced technology and communication tools. We approach each new project as a custom job, and our experts can determine which of our illustrative capabilities are most appropriate to enhance the herniated disc illustration for your case. One of the tools available to our illustrators is MediVisuals DISSOLVE, a feature that allows you to fade from an image of an actual X-ray to a detailed, relevant medical diagram. Our medical legal illustrators have several more unique tools that they can use to make your visual aids clearer and more compelling. Contact us today for a free consultation in which we'll discuss the ideal way to communicate and support your expert's testimony.

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Incredibly Talented Medical Legal Illustrators

We're outperforming our competitors by equipping our staff with the comprehensive range of knowledge and capabilities needed to create flawless medical legal illustrations. Our medical legal illustrators aren't just talented artists; they understand the legal factors at play in personal injury and malpractice cases just as well as they understand the medical issues involved.

They also understand how illustrations and expert testimony are perceived by judges and juries. By pulling all of these perspectives together on every project, they're able to create the kinds of compelling displays that you'll read about in the diffuse axonal injury illustration section below. If you want to make sure that your visual aids are designed for clear, successful communication that meets the legal standard, make sure you choose MediVisuals.

The Diffuse Axonal Injury Illustration

Diffuse Axonal Injury Illustration

Our specialists are prepared to provide both customized and ready-to-go illustrative solutions to defense attorneys and prosecutors. When it comes to creating a diffuse axonal injury illustration, it can often be beneficial to combine visual aids from both of these categories. We can create fully customized diagrams based on unique X-rays and brain scans, as well as provide you with tools like our realistic soft brain with a transparent skull. Using a combination of tools to build your case can make all the difference when it comes to complex brain injuries, unlike many simple back injury cases where the herniated disc illustration described above may suffice on its own.

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