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MediVisuals has been providing medical illustration and animation exhibits to the Florida legal community for over 25 years. As a Business Friend of EAGLE Sponsor of the Florida Justice Association (FJA) and a Silver Level Sponsor of the Palm Beach County Justice Association (PBCJA), we continue to support our clients in their fight for justice.

We invite you to search our online library of over 4,000 medical exhibits, read testimonials from our clients and compare MediVisuals to other companies you have used in the past. Some of our most frequently requested medical exhibits are:

Ankle Fusion
Anterior Cervical Fusion
Epidural Injections

General Anatomy

Shoulder Dystocia

Traumatic Brain Injury

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MediVisuals' Florida Client Testimonials

"The MediVisuals’ demonstrative aids are teaching tools, and understanding tools, and comprehension tools, and persuasion tools! I have also seen something very interesting in three recent trials (where we have utilized MediVisuals’ demonstrative aids): the judges are keenly interested in the content and setup of these aids and are physically getting off the bench and coming around to watch the witness explain testimony with the help of the MediVisuals’ demonstrative aids. Your demonstrative aids make it easier for us lawyers to prepare for the various components of the case. These demonstrative aids have made a significant difference in a positive way in our capabilities of convincing jurors of the correctness of our position on a multitude of issues. I cannot thank you enough for your devotion and for the extraordinary quality of your work."

John F. Romano, Esq.

Romano Law Group

Lake Worth, Florida

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Florida Justice Reports

$13,909,301.50 Verdict – Severely Injured Woman and Child and Death of Two Children in Motor Vehicle Collision

Congratulations to John Romano of the Romano Law Group and P.J. Scheiner and Bruce Scheiner of Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner of Southern Florida for the award they obtained on behalf of a woman and her child who were severely injured, and her two other sons who were killed in a motor vehicle collision.

The mother sustained a right open ankle fracture/dislocation, multiple abrasions and contusions, a right eye laceration, bilateral pulmonary contusions and pneumothoraces, a left flank muscular hematoma, and severe fractures of the right tibia and talus with dislocation and disrupted ligaments. 

She underwent irrigation and debridement of her open right ankle/foot wound, followed by fixation of her talus and tibial fractures and syndesmotic injury. Later she had the hardware from her previous surgery removed and underwent another ankle fusion due to severe post-traumatic arthritis of the tibiotalar joint.

The Lee County jury, which has been a historically conservative venue (especially toward Spanish-speaking illegal immigrants such as the plaintiffs), awarded $13,885,301.50 in compensatory damages, which is a benchmark verdict in Florida for this type of case.

MediVisuals developed several exhibits, including the ones shown below, to demonstrate some of the mother's most significant injuries, surgical procedures, and treatment.

Romano Scheiner Justice Report

$9,124,000.00 Verdict - Multiple Injuries from Motor Vehicle Collision

Congratulations to John Romano of the Romano Law Group and P.J. Scheiner and Bruce Scheiner of Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner of Southern Florida for the award they obtained on behalf of a woman who was injured in a motor vehicle collision.

The plaintiff was a 31-year-old female who sustained multiple injuries, including: a L2 burst fracture which required a lumbar fusion, abdominal wall injury, herniation of loops of bowel requiring repair, and a lacerated spleen requiring splenectomy.  The plaintiff did not suffer any significant paralysis or sensory deficits as a result of the back injury but did initially suffer complications relating to bladder dysfunction. 

The case was tried for nine days in the very conservative venue of Jacksonville, Florida.  A significant portion of the trial focused on the defendant’s proof and argument that the plaintiff was not wearing the “shoulder harness” portion of the seatbelt system. The jury fully accepted plaintiffs’ proof and argument on the seatbelt system issue and rejected the defense position.
MediVisuals was entrusted to develop a wide variety of exhibits to demonstrate the plaintiff's most significant injuries and invasive procedures. This included a medical animation showing the plaintiff's lumbar interlaminar epidural injections, which can be viewed by clicking HERE or on the monitor image below.

To read what Mr. Romano had to say about the MediVisuals' exhibits that were used in the case, please CLICK HERE

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