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Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Recall Animation Series

Edge Loading, Metal Fragment Discharge, Inflammation & Metallosis

Due to buffering of the 3D components in the beginning of the animation, the rotation of the pelvis may not appear smooth. This will resolve after the rotation is complete and subsequent playbacks will run smoothly. To bypass the buffering, please click the following button to download the sample version (18.2 MB file - download time is approximately 5 minutes):

Download DePuy Animation

The above MediVisuals' Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Recall animation sequences have been revised from the version that premiered at the DePuy MDL Conference in West Palm Beach on January 19, 2011. This revised version has been extended and includes labeling to allow it to be viewed and comprehended without narration or oration by a presenter. Other animation sequences and illustrations are in the process of development. Some can be viewed at the following link: More visuals are in the process of development, while still others are awaiting results of further studies and research.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange for use of the animations, please contact Bob Shepherd via email at or call 800-899-2153. Following is a list of some of the most frequently requested uses and the related fees:

Terms of Usage

1. Use in educating clients/potential clients individually or small groups: NO CHARGE. For this purpose; the animation is "watermarked" as it appears above.

2. Use in CLE conferences/presentations: NO CHARGE. A version of the animation sequences will be provided with non-obtrusive watermarking limiting the animation for use in CLE presentations (© MediVisuals - Only for display in CLE presentations. Permission to use on websites, settlement, mediation, trial, or any other purpose can be obtained by contacting

3. Use on websites (for client education and for case recruitment): $950 for first year, $325 for each subsequent year (per website) A version of the animation sequences will be provided with small, non-obtrusive watermarking limiting the use to the specific website (© MediVisuals - Only for display on Permission to use on other websites or for settlement, mediation, trial, or any other purpose can be obtained by contacting

4. Use in television advertising: Consistent with industry standards and Graphics Artists Guild Guidelines, usage for television advertising will be based upon the market viewers and number of times the advertisement is run. Watermarking will likely not be desired for this purpose, therefore, only very small portions of the animations may be available for this purpose.

5. Use for litigation (settlement, mediation, and trial): To be determined at a later date (dependent upon how much of the developmental costs are absorbed by the MDL plaintiffs group and whether or not the requestor is a member of the group, etc.).