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MediVisuals' Texas Client Testimonials

We welcome all of our clients to provide testimonials on their experience with MediVisuals. Please share your story with us by contacting Tara Rose at

Posted April 2012

“Even though my law firm has its own in-house exhibit department, I still use MediVisuals periodically because they provide detailed graphics that are wonderful educational tools to assist the jury.”

E. Todd Tracy, Esq.
The Tracy Firm
Dallas, TX

Posted December 2011

"The demonstrative aids depicting our client’s devastating injuries with vivid detail were crucial to helping the jury find sufficient damages to compensate for his injuries."

Mark T. Murray, Esq.
Stevenson & Murray
Houston, Texas

Posted April 2011

"We resolved the case the first day of trial. The demonstrative exhibits, as usual, were superb. They provided a perfect visual story of the tragic loss sustained. I REALLY appreciate all you have done, not only with regard to the current job, but over the past so many years. Great Work, Excellent Service, and Superb follow up. You may not know, but I speak at the annual PI, Civil Trial, and/or Trucking CLE sponsored by the Texas Bar Association and use many of the exhibits you have supplied me or other members of my firm over the years when I speak on the topic of "Demonstrative Evidence". I mention your company by name. People are always impressed and habitually write down your company's name and number. Thanks for all the Great Work. I know you often get what you pay for in this world, however, I get consistently much more from the MediVisuals Team. Keep it up!"

Daniel J.T. Sciano, Esq.
Tinsman & Sciano Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

Posted July 2010

"The case went to jury trial. The plaintiff won approximately $6.5 million dollars following a 6 day trial. The case was settled for a confidential amount at a post trial mediation. I have used MediVisuals before on cases but felt that this particular one was the best that I have had at showing the nature and extent of the injuries. His orthopedic surgeon appeared live at trial and referred to the MediVisual as a visual representation of his testimony. He testified that the MediVisual fully and accurately represented the injuries and the surgery performed on the plaintiff's elbow. Job well done. I will be calling the next time I need to visually represent a complex injury for a custom board, and I have and will continue to purchase the stock images for simple case explanations."

Chris Carver, Esq.
Law Office of Christopher Carver
Lubbock, Texas

Posted June 2010

"The medical illustrations made by your firm were a major factor in getting the defendant to offer some real money on the case, in my opinion. This was an "invisible injury," but your illustrations made it possible for her doctor to show to the defense on deposition, videotaped for the jury, and their insurance carrier just what the injury was and that it wasn't just another soft tissue injury, and that the injections were real and painful, not just "shots." Thank you for the fine work you did."

Bob Binder, Esq.
Bob Binder & Associates, P.C.
Austin, Texas

Posted April 2010

"The case settled in a second mediation held only last week.  The exhibits, we believed, were highly effective in achieving an awesome settlement for our clients.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you as always for your patience and professionalism.  And we look forward to working with you more in the future!"
Mark P. McMahon, Esq.
Erskine & McMahon
Longview, Texas

Posted April 2010

"Medivisuals has been spot on in providing high quality medical art (with often quick turnaround) that has really helped me simplify complicated medical issues.  Medivisuals' illustrators are very good at asking the right questions and obtaining the right medical records from the lawyer to create the most effective visual possible to help the lawyer and/or witness show the jury what happened, or the result of what happened.   Every serious case deserves exhibits of the quality I have grown accustomed to from Medivisuals.  I am a very satisfied customer."
Lin McCraw, Esq.
McCrawGantt, PLLC
McKinney, Texas

"I have known Tom Sims for three decades, and during that periods, I have had the occasion to work with MediVisuals on several cases. I have always found them to be resourceful and MediVisuals' artwork outstanding. They have always been consummate professionals."

Frank L. Branson, Esq.
The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson, P.C.
Dallas, Texas