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Client Testimonials

We welcome all of our clients to provide testimonials on their experience with MediVisuals. Please share your story with us by contacting Tara Rose at To see a list of client testimonials from each state, please click here.

Posted April 2012

“Even though my law firm has its own in-house exhibit department, I still use MediVisuals periodically because they provide detailed graphics that are wonderful educational tools to assist the jury.”

E. Todd Tracy, Esq.
The Tracy Firm
Dallas, TX

Posted March 2012

"The case settled very favorably for our client. The illustration had a positive effect on getting a much larger offer than the defendant originally offered. The doctor who performed the surgery was amazed at how accurate the illustration was. I will be using your services again very shortly."

William G. Boyer, Jr.
Boyer, Dawson & St. Pierre PLLC
Sterling Heights, MI

Posted February 2012

“We can't thank MediVisuals enough for the customer service and immediate attention we received when purchasing a medical visual. I called right before closing and your staff still managed to get it to us on time for trial the next day and in New York nonetheless.

The image itself was very helpful for the expert to explain to the jury about cervical cerclage. After several weeks the case ultimately settled for $9.9 million dollars.

We will definitely be using your company for our next trial! Thanks again.”

Tiffany Brown, for Joseph Miklos, Esq.
Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, PC
Garden City, New York

Posted February 2012

“When I need to explain difficult-to-understand medical issues to a jury, I go to MediVisuals. Their animations and demonstrative pictures are invaluable in the presentation of a case. MediVisuals works with you to accomplish your goals in putting the best final product before a jury for a price that makes sense for your case. After working with MediVisuals on several cases, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Patrick A. Salvi II,  Esq.
Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. Law Offices
Chicago, Illinois

Posted February 2012

"Case settled the week before trial. Defense offered the entire policy, plus interest, plus all trial prep costs including your exhibits. To say they threw in the towel is putting it mildly. I think your illustrations scared the #@!!% out of them."

David Groner, Esq.
Law Offices of David Groner, PLC
New Iberia, Louisiana

Posted December 2011

"The demonstrative aids depicting our client’s devastating injuries with vivid detail were crucial to helping the jury find sufficient damages to compensate for his injuries."

Mark T. Murray, Esq.
Stevenson & Murray
Houston, Texas

Posted November 2011

"The case settled for a confidential amount, policy limits . . . Very nice recovery. The illustration, as usual, was very helpful. Every time an illustration of an injury is included in a demand package, it sends a message to the defense that we are ready for trial, and that is a preview of what the jury will see. It also shows that you have a good understanding of the injuries. You guys did a beautiful job."

F. Anthony Koushan, Esq.
Law Offices of F. Anthony Koushan
Beverly Hills, CA

Posted May 2011

"The [plaintiff name] case settled on the third day of trial for $6,250,000 and a waiver of the $290,000 worker's comp lien. Most of the exhibits prepared by MediVisuals had been used during various evidence depositions that were taken of the [plaintiff's] treating physicians. I received a number of compliments from the doctors who used the demonstrative boards on their anatomical accuracy and the accurate portrayal of the various surgical procedures performed on the [plaintiff's] back and wrist. Likewise, defense counsel (with whom I spent weeks on depositions) commented on the jury appeal of the exhibits and had favorable comments about exhibits that they had seen in other cases prepared by Medivisuals. All objections made to the use of the exhibits at the evidence depositions were overruled and the admissibility seemed without question. Thank you again for your hard work and the work of everyone at MediVisuals in helping to obtain a settlement that will make the future for [the plaintiffs] a little brighter."

Thomas P. Routh, Esq.
Chicago, Illinois

Posted April 2011

"We resolved the case the first day of trial. The demonstrative exhibits, as usual, were superb. They provided a perfect visual story of the tragic loss sustained. I REALLY appreciate all you have done, not only with regard to the current job, but over the past so many years. Great Work, Excellent Service, and Superb follow up. You may not know, but I speak at the annual PI, Civil Trial, and/or Trucking CLE sponsored by the Texas Bar Association and use many of the exhibits you have supplied me or other members of my firm over the years when I speak on the topic of "Demonstrative Evidence". I mention your company by name. People are always impressed and habitually write down your company's name and number. Thanks for all the Great Work. I know you often get what you pay for in this world, however, I get consistently much more from the MediVisuals Team. Keep it up!"

Daniel J.T. Sciano, Esq.
Tinsman & Sciano Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

Posted March 2011

"I have had the privilege of working with MediVisuals for over eight years.  On every project, MediVisuals is unfailingly professional -- courteous, accommodating, and deadline sensitive.  And MediVisuals is consistently precise -- anatomically accurate, detailed and definitive.  MediVisuals excels in presentation -- rendering medically complex pathologies and treatments clearly, simply and visually understandable.  On multiple occasions, MediVisuals' Medical Illustrators have reviewed radiological films and discovered, verified and depicted traumatic lesions which Health Care Professionals missed.  MediVisuals is an invaluable help to traumatically injured Patients, working to bring the truth to light."

John Milkovich, Esq.
Law Offices of John Milkovich
Shreveport, LA

Posted January 2011

"[The medical exhibits] were a smashing success. They really enabled the jury to understand the depth and profundity of the brain injuries my client suffered. The jury, in talking after the verdict, was especially complimentary in describing how helpful they were in understanding how bad [the plaintiff's] injuries are.

I subpeonaed and called on my case one of the defendants' examining physicians, Kristjan Ragnarsson, M.D., undoubtedly one of the world's pre-eminent -- if not the pre-eminent  -- specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I used them with him as well, and he agreed that the artistic illustrations of the corresponding CT and MRI slices were very useful for teaching lay people the extent and nature of the brain injuries, and that he had never seen such illustrations before. 'They belong in a medical textbook.' said he!

And by the way, the jury awarded a verdict of every penny we requested, $50,591,035.87 -- including $10,000,000 for past pain and suffering and $25,000,000 for future. Thanks for your great work."

David B. Golomb, Esq.
Law Offices of David B. Golomb
New York, NY

Posted November 2010

"MediVisuals has done great work for me.  They have done animations and other demonstrative aids that have increased the value of my cases throughout the years.  I will be working with them into the indefinite future.
They have made the difficult to understand very understandable.  A truck load of my words has not accomplished what one of their pictures can.  My highest recommendation."

Jason Studinski, Esq.
Atterbury, Kammer & Studinski, S.C.
Stevens Point and Middleton, Wisconsin

Posted October 2010

“In this case, we used 14 medical illustrations and one medical animation which were created and developed by MediVisuals. The MediVisuals’ demonstrative aids are teaching tools, and understanding tools, and comprehension tools, and persuasion tools! I have also seen something very interesting in three recent trials (where we have utilized MediVisuals’ demonstrative aids): the judges are keenly interested in the content and setup of these aids and are physically getting off the bench and coming around to watch the witness explain testimony with the help of the MediVisuals’ demonstrative aids. Your demonstrative aids make it easier for us lawyers to prepare for the various components of the case. These demonstrative aids have made a significant difference in a positive way in our capabilities of convincing jurors of the correctness of our position on a multitude of issues. I cannot thank you enough for your devotion and for the extraordinary quality of your work.”

John F. Romano, Esq.

Romano Law Group

Lake Worth, Florida

Posted August 2010

"MediVisuals brings not only first-rate illustrations that are easily understood by juries but also in-depth appreciation and knowledge about the medical aspects being conveyed."

Paulette Chapman, Esq.
Koonz, McKenney, Johnson, DePaolis and Lightfoot, LLC
Washington, DC

Posted August 2010

...MediVisuals created some displays for me [from my client's] brain MRIs. I ordered these last minute (5 days before trial). I am glad I did, as they really brought home our client's injury. I am pleased to report that we received an 8 million dollar verdict in rural Platte County, Missouri for a 5-year-old girl who suffered a brain injury from a seat collapse.

Thanks again to your team!

Adam Graves, Esq.
Langdon & Emison
Lexington, Missouri

Posted July 2010

"We found the exhibit HUGELY helpful. We got to the 6th day of trial (of 7) when the defense finally made a reasonable offer. When we interviewed the jurors after they were released from service, one of them commented on how useful he found that exhibit in our opening statement. We were able to use it in opening because the doctor had already testified by deposition, using that exhibit. We keep the exhibit in our conference room for others to see and appreciate."

Susan J. Holm, Esq.
Leonard W. Moen & Associates
Renton, Washington

Posted July 2010

"The case went to jury trial. The plaintiff won approximately $6.5 million dollars following a 6 day trial. The case was settled for a confidential amount at a post trial mediation. I have used MediVisuals before on cases but felt that this particular one was the best that I have had at showing the nature and extent of the injuries. His orthopedic surgeon appeared live at trial and referred to the MediVisual as a visual representation of his testimony. He testified that the MediVisual fully and accurately represented the injuries and the surgery performed on the plaintiff's elbow. Job well done. I will be calling the next time I need to visually represent a complex injury for a custom board, and I have and will continue to purchase the stock images for simple case explanations."

Chris Carver, Esq.
Law Office of Christopher Carver
Lubbock, Texas

Posted June 2010

"Rob Choi, of MediVisuals…, provided me with technical support in a recent, high value, medical malpractice trial. I know that every lawyer who uses technology in the courtroom lives in fear that the technology will fail. Those concerns can detract from the trial lawyer’s presentation. Rob’s presence alleviated those fears. Rob was prompt and efficient in all of his work, and the visual presentations, including those prepared during the trial, were powerful and glitch-free. He prepared power point slides during the trial with a short turnaround time, and offered thoughtful suggestions as to the content and format of slides. I think that the visual aids were an important component in obtaining a favorable verdict, and I would not hesitate to use Rob in the future."

Thomas G. Smith, Esq.
Shevlin Smith
Fairfax, Virginia

To find out more about MediVisuals' Multimedia Litigation Support, click HERE

Posted June 2010

"The case settled the week before trial for a very favorable, yet confidential, amount. The medical illustrations MediVisuals did for us were excellent. In fact, the doctor in LSUHSC in Shreveport requested a copy (8.5 x 11 print) to use for teaching at her class regarding the treatment of burn victims. While the costs for such services was not cheap, my partner, Sid Hardy, and I felt that the money was well worth it for the services we obtained from MediVisuals. Your team went above and beyond, even expediting the graphic work and overnighting the boards to us in time for our trial depositions. Thanks again. We look forward to working with you all again in the future."

Peter J. Wanek, Esq.
McCranie Sistrunk Anzelmo Hardy McDaniel & Welch, LLC
New Orleans, Louisiana

Posted June 2010

"I wanted to tell you, as well as anyone seeking a medical illustrator, how pleased I was with the illustrations you recently provided our firm. We represented a lady whose injury was described by the insurance adjuster as simply a "broken arm". Your medical illustrations were invaluable in enabling us to convince the other parties of the severity of the injury and the scope of problems suffered by our client. I would describe the services you provided with three (3) words: Professional, Prompt and Persuasive. The quality of your work was unsurpassed and your staff worked closely with us to ensure their delivery in a timely manner. The illustrations were a critical component in enabling us to attain a high six-figure settlement of the case. I look forward to working with you again and I appreciate and thank you for your help."

Edwin Dunahoe, Esq.
Dunahoe Law Firm, LLC
Natchitoches, Louisiana

Posted June 2010

"The medical illustrations made by your firm were a major factor in getting the defendant to offer some real money on the case, in my opinion. This was an "invisible injury," but your illustrations made it possible for her doctor to show to the defense on deposition, videotaped for the jury, and their insurance carrier just what the injury was and that it wasn't just another soft tissue injury, and that the injections were real and painful, not just "shots." Thank you for the fine work you did."

Bob Binder, Esq.
Bob Binder & Associates, P.C.
Austin, Texas

Posted June 2010

"You have to invest time AND money in your exhibits and trial preparation if you want to get good results for your disabled clients. You cannot do serious personal injury cases on the cheap. You must spend the money on professional MediVisuals' medical illustrations [and other trial preparation services]."

Douglas K.W. Landau, Esq.
Abrams Landau Ltd.
Herndon, Virginia

Mr. Landau's quote was from his presentation during the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Annual May Tort Law Seminar in Richmond, Virginia on May 4, 2010. See for more information.

Posted May 2010

"I have hired MediVisuals several times to create animations to help explain complicated accidents and injuries. In two pending cases, the animations will be the centerpiece of my trial presentations. In a different case resolved recently, I represented a fellow who had suffered a series of serious orthopedic injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. In preparation for the mediation, I asked MediVisuals to create an exhibit depicting each of my clients injuries in one simple form. They created an exhibit featuring a still image of my client with graphic depictions of each of his fractures and contusions complete with close-up inset illustrations on the margins of the exhibit showing each injury in greater detail. The whole thing was mounted on 3’ x 4’ foam board and made an excellent exhibit. I had the exhibit set up at the mediation so the defense would appreciate exactly what the jury would see. The case settled very favorably.

Considering the outcome, the cost of the exhibit was negligible. Further, I have used the exhibit several times to show prospective clients how we go about proving the nature and extent of injuries. I have no doubt that clients take comfort in the fact that we have such technological resources."

Alexander Kammer, Esq.
Atterbury, Kammer & Studinski, S.C.
Middleton, Wisconsin

Posted April 2010

"The case settled in a second mediation held only last week.  The exhibits, we believed, were highly effective in achieving an awesome settlement for our clients.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you as always for your patience and professionalism.  And we look forward to working with you more in the future!"
Mark P. McMahon, Esq.
Erskine & McMahon
Longview, Texas

Posted April 2010

"Medivisuals has been spot on in providing high quality medical art (with often quick turnaround) that has really helped me simplify complicated medical issues.  Medivisuals' illustrators are very good at asking the right questions and obtaining the right medical records from the lawyer to create the most effective visual possible to help the lawyer and/or witness show the jury what happened, or the result of what happened.   Every serious case deserves exhibits of the quality I have grown accustomed to from Medivisuals.  I am a very satisfied customer."
Lin McCraw, Esq.
McCrawGantt, PLLC
McKinney, Texas

Posted March 2010

These people are "pros" in every good sense of the word. They are extremely competent, proficient and diligent. Their illustrations and models are the best I have seen, and I have seen many over the years. Not only does MediVisuals produce graphics that are powerful, dramatic and riveting, but the firm is a pleasure to deal with. They go out of their way to rush materials to us when we need them on an expedited basis. I have come to consider Bob and Leah Shepherd and their staff as friends as well as colleagues, and my association with them has been professionally rewarding and personally pleasurable. No trial lawyer will go wrong using the services of MediVisuals. I recommend them without reservation.

Gary Gober, Esq.
The Gober Law Firm
Nashville, Tennessee

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