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Epidural Injection: Cervical Interlaminar (Light skin model)-MVI1206-01xb

Price: $995.00
Item Number: MVI1206-01xb
Click image below to view animation. Please allow time for the animation to load.

Epidural Injection: Cervical Interlaminar (Light skin model)

Epidural Injection: Cervical Interlaminar Sample Version (~50 MB file).

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This animation demonstrates the procedure of a cervical transforaminal epidural injection with the use of 3D animation, 2D animation and live video. By showing a cross-sectional view of the cervical spine, it reveals the true invasive nature of the procedure by demonstrating the numerous anatomical structures that the injection needle must penetrate before reaching the injection site.

It is recommended that this Epidural Injection Animation be used in conjunction with a case specific medical illustration (see related products). The animation shows the “typical” procedure while case-specific illustration shows the person's exact injection site. If a person has received multiple injections, the animation should be supplemented with a "Summary of Injections" case-specific illustration.

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