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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Illustration Aids The Explanation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Illustration

MediVisuals’ team of medical illustrators is able to produce highly accurate, yet palatable illustrations for any number of medical purposes and special situations. Contact us with your specific need and we can provide a consultation and ga detailed illustration for your purpose.

Many individuals and companies have made use of a carpal tunnel syndrome illustration, which is useful in demonstrating the extent of a personal injury in workers compensation cases, injury lawsuits and other court proceedings. These documents are ideal for situations that require an understandable, medically accurate depiction of human physiology and bodily function.

Visual aids are very important, as it is often difficult for juries or other non-medical personnel to fully understand the extent and the impact of injuries such as carpal tunnel or conditions like traumatic arthritis. Illustrations that are both medically accurate and able to provide an up-close, inside view of the body and area in question can be priceless tools in shedding light on injuries and medical conditions that would normally be difficult to understand.

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Traumatic Arthritis Illustrations Shows The Injury

There’s a reason X-ray technicians are highly trained for the job that they perform on a daily basis: X-rays are difficult to read with an untrained eye. With conditions such as traumatic arthritis, illustrations are often the only way to enable a non trained person to truly “see” the injury and understand its impact on the individual with this condition.

A professionally created, custom medical illustration can do many things most X-rays cannot:

  • Highlight a specific area of injury
  • Enlarge or pull out a very small area
  • Show greater detail of body systems
  • Illustrate surgical means for repairing the injury
  • Put information in visual form that is easily understood, even to non-medical persons


Getting a jury or an arbitration panel to understand and digest what they need to know about an injury or illness arms them to make a better decision, and can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful case so do not hesitate when it comes to the detailed medical illustration you need.

For more information about a custom arthritis or carpal tunnel illustration, visit our Contact page. There, you’ll find MediVisuals toll-free numbers and e-mail contact information, as well as a brief contact form you can use to send comments and inquiries.