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Welcome California Attorneys and Legal Professionals

MediVisuals has been providing medical illustration and animation exhibits to the California legal community for over 25 years. We invite you to search our online library of over 4,000 medical exhibits, read testimonials from our California clients and compare MediVisuals to other companies you have used in the past. Some of our most frequently requested medical exhibits are:

Ankle Fusion
Anterior Cervical Fusion
Epidural Injections

General Anatomy

Hip Replacement Recall

Traumatic Brain Injury

If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like to request a complimentary consultation on a case, please click the button below to email Elizabeth Sims (,  Medical Illustrator/Vice President of MediVisuals. We look forward to working with you.

MediVisuals' California Client Testimonials

"I had used the same demonstrative evidence company for many years before trying MediVisuals. I had no idea what I had been missing! MediVisuals' knowledge of anatomy and medicine is remarkable, their ability to create accurate and powerful demonstrative aids is unmatched, and their service is outstanding."

Jim W. Vititoe, Esq.
Masry & Vititoe
Westlake Village, CA

". . . Thank you once again for the tremendous work . . . your help went even beyond the medical boards, because the MediVisuals Traumatic Brain Injury Animation, used with the neuroradiologist's testimony, was instrumental in explaining how axonal shear injuries can occur as a result of trauma. After 35 years of trying cases, I am convinced that effective visual graphics are critical to obtaining substantial verdicts. When it comes to medical illustrations, you folks are by far the best."

Matthew B. F. Biren, Esq.
West Los Angeles, CA

MediVisuals' California Justice Reports

$7,366,252.00 Verdict – Severe Spinal Trauma Resulting in Paraplegia from a Multiple Vehicle Collision

Congratulations to David R. Lira and Christopher T. Aumais of Girardi & Keese in Los Angeles, California for the award they obtained on behalf of a woman who was severely injured in a multiple vehicle collision.

The defendant, who was operating his employer's van, caused a six car collision on State Route 180 in Frenso, California. The plaintiff, who was wearing her seat belt, was the second vehicle hit in the collision and sustained the following injuries: left ankle contusion, abdominal wall contusion, and a T11 vertebral fracture with prevertebral edema. Even though her spinal cord was not severed during the collision, there was irreparable nerve damage, which rendered her an incomplete paraplegic. She now has limited physical mobility and self-care deficits.

Mr. Lira and Mr. Aumais contended that the defendant's employer negligently entrusted their vehicle to the defendant and that he was negligent in the operation of the vehicle. They claimed that the plaintiff was entitled to past medical costs totaling over $224,998 and future medical care costs, including 12 hour/day attendant care, totaling $2,800,000. Since the plaintiff would not be able to return to work as a traveling caregiver, they sought lost past and future earrings (to age 67) of $131,530, as well. The defendant's pre-trial offer was $450,000. After a four and one half week trial, and two and one half days of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff.

MediVisuals developed the exhibits shown below to demonstrate the plaintiff's most significant injuries.

Lira and Aumais Justice Report

$144,000.00 Verdict After $15,000 Defense Offer - Minor Subway Train Collision

Congratulations to Christopher L. Turpin, Esq., of the Law Offices of Christopher L. Turpin in Los Angeles, CA, for the award he obtained on behalf of a 23 year-old dental assistant who was injured in a minor subway train collision. Immediately following the collision, the plaintiff began to suffer from pain in her neck, back, right knee and leg. Upon returning to work, her neck and back pain not only continued but increased; and she was diagnosed with cervical, thoracic, and lumbar strains, along with lumbar facet syndrome.

A neck MRI performed at three months after the collision was interpreted as demonstrating a very large central protrusion of the C5-C6 intervertebral disc, causing compression of the spinal cord. At the time of the MRI, she also suffered from intermittent bilateral upper extremity radicular symptoms consisting of both pain and paresthesias. Two years following the collision, she finally received some relief after undergoing multiple facet injections and epidural injections.

The defense’s final offer to the plaintiff was $15,000; however, Chris Turpin successfully obtained a jury award of $144,000 after trial. To help emphasize the plaintiff’s cervical disc injuries as well as the invasive nature of the multiple injections that she was required to undergo, Mr. Turpin used the accompanying MediVisuals exhibits.

Christopher L. Turpin Justice Report