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Detailed Brain Illustrations Detailed Brain Illustration

MediVisuals is one of the leader providers of medical illustration exhibits. We create stock and custom illustrations, animations, timelines and models. When you need accurate medical exhibits, you can rely on our award-winning medical illustrators to deliver.

View illustrations of traumatic brain injuries, general anatomy, and personal injury. For instance, you can find a brain illustration of a surgical injury, anoxic brain injury, intracranial trauma, traumatic axonal and shear injury, and others by searching the term “brain” or by browsing the tabs on the left hand navigation page.

Brain anatomy illustrations are located throughout the website, but are mostly contained in the General Anatomy category. We invite you to browse this category for illustrations of the neonatal brain, arterial supply to the brain, cerebral hemispheres, brain cortex, and other anatomical features of the brain.

In the Traumatic Brain Injury category, you will find supportive visuals include images of the brain afflicted with vascular disease, transtentorial herniation, subdural hemorrhage, stroke, hypoxemia, seizures and other conditions.

Medical Legal Exhibits

The medical illustrators at MediVisuals design and develop visual exhibits to support medical expert testimony. We have over 25 years of experience working with attorneys, paralegals, legal nurse consultants, and testifying experts, in order to develop medical visuals to emphasize your particular arguments.

MediVisuals is proud to assist our clients in helping the people they represent receive a true measure of justice in their case. We invite you to view our Justice Reports and Client Testimonials.

Our clients are pleased with the work we do, but we’ve also received recognition from our professional peers. MediVisuals has received 18 of 23 Awards of Excellence in the Medical-Legal Illustration c awarded by the Association of Medical Illustrators. Illustrations are evaluated for accuracy, effectiveness and innovation.

Should you like to speak with one of our medical illustrators or receive a complimentary consultation on a case, please click the button below. We look forward to working with you.

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