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One of the most common long term debilitating complications of an injury is traumatic arthritis. Traumatic
arthritis can affect almost any moveable joint in the body. Most moveable joints consists of smooth
articular bone covered by thick, shock-absorbing articular cartilage. During trauma, the joint surfaces
can be driven together resulting in injuries to the cartilage and microfractures of the articular surface
(even without obvious intrarticular fracture). The bone and cartilage then undergo changes that lead to the
progressive breakdown of the joint. As the process advances, the joint becomes painful with movement
sometimes restricted. In most cases, the only treatment options are joint replacement or fusion.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please visit our blog article on Traumatic Arthritis.

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Traumatic Arthritis - 299195-04X
Price: From $395.00 to $590.00
Traumatic Arthritis - 299195-04X
Traumatic Arthritis
Traumatic Arthritis - R15002_03X
Price: From $395.00 to $590.00
Traumatic Arthritis - R15002_03X
Traumatic Arthritis
Traumatic Arthritis of Lisfranc Joint - 202292_03XG
Price: From $395.00 to $590.00
Traumatic Arthritis of Lisfranc  Joint - 202292_03XG
Traumatic Arthritis of Lisfranc Joint