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MediVisuals Anterior Cervical Fusion Exhibits

Anterior Cervical Fusion Illustration

MediVisuals has been a valued resource to the cases of countless attorneys. Using medical exhibits like our anterior cervical fusion illustrations and animations, our clients are able to walk jurors through an entire surgical procedure, step by step. These medical illustrations can be customized to include the plaintiff's specific spinal injury and fusion hardware used. 

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Some medical experts are experienced when it comes to giving court testimony, and as a result, they may be able to effectively walk juries through reasonable explanations of injuries, surgeries and other medical issues. But not all experts will be able to communicate everything clearly to the juries without the aid of an illustration of cervical spine injuries. By having access to a visual aid that can be referred to throughout testimony, medical experts can more effectively engage juries and make their points clear. Our anterior cervical fusion illustrations and other diagrams of injuries and surgical procedures are specifically designed to support the goals of attorneys and experts while being easy for judges and juries to comprehend, regardless of their various levels of familiarity with anatomy and medicine.

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