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Ankle Injury Illustration: Expert Testimony

MediVisuals, Inc. is a company that designs and develops medical legal exhibits for the purpose of supporting the testimony of medical experts in court. Whether this means an ankle injury illustration for a personal injury or worker’s compensation case, or a diagram of general anatomy that can help a medical expert explain related phenomena and concepts to a judge or jury, MediVisuals works with all types of cases where these illustrations may be necessary to properly demonstrate what has occurred.

Custom exhibits are available, as well as general anatomy illustrations that have been created for previous cases and have been used effectively by medical experts testifying in a number of realms, including personal injury, medical negligence, and traumatic brain injury. Whether you need an ankle illustration or a brain model for demonstrating the fragility of one of our most important organs, you can trust MediVisuals to provide it for you.

General Ankle Illustration

Ankle Injury Illustration

We have a number of medical legal illustrations that show various views of the ankle, which can be used to demonstrate to a judge or jury the different parts of the joint. These include the normal right or left ankle illustration, right or left medial foot anatomy, and illustrations of the superficial peroneal nerve of the ankle. Injury illustration can be custom-created.

For developing a custom exhibit, a consultation is required, but the consultation is free. We will discuss the case with you, offering advice on how to make the best decisions about the content of medical legal illustration demonstrative aids as well as visual presentations. Upon discussing the case with you, and viewing the medical records of the involved parties, we will develop a visual plan, which outlines and describes our suggestions. Existing artwork is generally $295, with additional enlargement fees added as necessary. Custom work ranges typically from $800 to $1300.