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Ankle Fracture Illustrations- Available Here

Whether you have a slip and fall case or a school related injury, ankle fracture illustrations are available here to help with your case. You can search for the full range of MediVisuals products (more than 20) by simply entering “ankle fracture” in the search box. You’ll find sophisticated ankle fracture illustrations, each designed to effectively address and elaborate on the issue at hand, including:

  • Right and left foot fractures, showing fibular avulsion and comminuted calcaneal fractures
  • Right and left trimalleolar ankle fractures, with a posterior oblique perspective
  • Fracture and dislocation, in anterior view, based on x-rays and enhanced for illustrative effect
  • Sural nerve entrapment with ankle injury, illustrated to show normal, post-injury and post-healing views for comparison

For more information about these illustrations, continue to browse our website.

Award-Winning Ankle Illustration

Ankle Illustrations

If you need custom medical legal illustrations in the case of an ankle injury, our award-winning visual illustrators provide value to you, your case, and your client in a number of ways. Please see our Awards page to understand the caliber of medical illustration available here. Then, visit our Custom Exhibits page. You might assume that having a customized ankle illustration is out of scope for the case under consideration, but we’ve done a number of things to lower the “on-ramp” to the kind of dynamic and specific medical visual evidence that can truly further communication and drive home a critical point.

Because our medical illustrators are the best in the industry, their work is of highest quality in terms of anatomical accuracy and effective communication. These are the strict standards by which medical illustration is judged in national competitions; and these are the standards by which we measure the success of any MediVisuals product. And because we’ve been archiving these highly accurate and effective illustrations, we are able to use this store for our custom products. Not having to start from scratch reduces the cost to you. Third, our streamlined process makes custom ankle illustration not only more cost-competitive but also more expedient. We understand that in many situations, time is short. (FYI: We do provide expedited services for an additional fee.) In addition, consultations, exhibit planning and proposals are free of charge.

Finally, we have at hand the latest tools and techniques to output high quality images for your use.

Please explore our Custom Exhibits page and contact us by email or by calling 800.899.2153 to discuss your case and options.

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