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MediVisuals has been providing medical illustration and animation exhibits to the Texas legal community for over 29 years. We invite you to search our online library of over 4,000 medical exhibits, read testimonials from our Texas clients and compare MediVisuals to other companies you have used in the past.

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If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like to request a complimentary consultation on a case, please click the button below to email Rictor Lew, a medical illustrator/Vice President of  the Western Region Operations. We look forward to working with you.

MediVisuals' Texas Client Testimonials

"We resolved the case the first day of trial. The demonstrative exhibits, as usual, were superb. They provided a perfect visual story of the tragic loss sustained. I REALLY appreciate all you have done, not only with regard to the current job, but over the past so many years. Great Work, Excellent Service, and Superb follow up. You may not know, but I speak at the annual PI, Civil Trial, and/or Trucking CLE sponsored by the Texas Bar Association and use many of the exhibits you have supplied me or other members of my firm over the years when I speak on the topic of "Demonstrative Evidence". I mention your company by name. People are always impressed and habitually write down your company's name and number. Thanks for all the Great Work. I know you often get what you pay for in this world, however, I get consistently much more from the MediVisuals Team. Keep it up!"

Daniel J.T. Sciano, Esq.
Tinsman & Sciano Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

"The medical illustrations made by your firm were a major factor in getting the defendant to offer some real money on the case, in my opinion. This was an "invisible injury," but your illustrations made it possible for her doctor to show to the defense on deposition, videotaped for the jury, and their insurance carrier just what the injury was and that it wasn't just another soft tissue injury, and that the injections were real and painful, not just "shots." Thank you for the fine work you did."

Bob Binder, Esq.
Bob Binder & Associates, P.C.
Austin, Texas

MediVisuals' Texas Justice Reports

$2,298,680 Settlement – Severe Leg Injury from Motor Vehicle Collision

Congratulations to Todd Clement, Esq of The Clement Firm in Dallas for the $2,298,680 settlement he obtained on behalf of his client.  The plaintiff was walking his dog and began crossing at a crosswalk when a drunk driver impatiently changed lanes as the vehicle in front of him slowed down to allow the plaintiff to cross the street.  The defendant barreled through the intersection striking the plaintiff at 40-45 mph and killing his beloved dog. The drunk driver, who was operating his even more inebriated girlfriend’s car, also later admitted to taking Ectasy just prior to the collision. Extensive discovery showed the defendants continued to drink alcohol even after this tragic collision.  

The plaintiff was thrown a great distance by the impact and was unconscious at the scene.  He was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a severe complex fracture of the right tibia and fibula, along with a concussion, pneumothorax, and severe road rash -- all of which required significant medical attention.  The plaintiff had medical insurance, so medical expenses were substantially reduced to approximately $130,000.

Unfortunately for the plaintiff, the major leg surgery that was performed in the days after the crash was not successful.  Due to the extent of the trauma, the bones failed to mend which resulted in excruciating pain, mental anguish, and disability.  Another surgery three months later was likewise unsuccessful.  Today, more than 1½ years after the original injury, the plaintiff cannot walk without crutches and remains in severe pain. 

Mr. Clement partnered with MediVisuals to develop exhibits to help demonstrate the extent of the plaintiff’s leg injuries and treatment.  He utilized these exhibits to explain the original leg injury and surgery, the subsequent failure to heal, the second surgery, and the physiological basis for the plaintiff’s current pain and disability in connection with an extensive policy limits demand letter.  The case settled for policy limits the day before the demand deadline.  


$16,028,324.26 Verdict - Multiple Traumatic Injuries from Motor Vehicle Collision

Congratulations to Tom Crosley, Esq. of the Crosley Law Firm, P.C. in San Antonio, Texas for the verdict he obtained on behalf of a 46-year-old master plumber who was involved in a partial offset head on collision with a tractor trailer. The plaintiff sustained multiple injuries which necessitated a single level cervical fusion and rotator cuff repair; however, the primary injury was a mild traumatic brain injury. 

The issue of the traumatic brain injury was vigorously contested by the defense. Plaintiff's counsel successfully introduced the results of MEG testing done in support of plaintiff's case. 38 witnesses testified during the 7 day trial, including 17 experts (both plaintiff and defense), and numerous family members and friends. Although each witness had a different story to relate, the gist of the testimony from the family members and friends was that the plaintiff is no longer the same person since the collision. 

A vocational expert, with experience in placing TBI survivors into the workforce, testified that the plaintiff would likely be unemployed about 50% of his remaining work life expectancy as a result of the TBI (due to issues involving mood, personality, attention, and memory), and that he would earn less than his full capacity when he was working. 

Mr. Crosley used multiple MediVisuals exhibits, including the ones shown below, to help demonstrate the plaintiff's injuries and surgical procedures.

Tom Crosley Justice Report

Click here to see MediVisuals' Traumatic Brain Injury animation